Mrshutterbug Wildlife Photography

Mrshutterbug Wildlife Photography

Friday, 15 October 2010

Two Scottish wildcat kittens have been filmed by a BBC

As Mrshutterbug Wildlife Photography is a huge fan of Big Cats i thought it might be nice to highlight one of the smaller wildcats
The elusive,yet stunnnig Scottish Wildcat.

Having had the chance to photo some of these cats before this is rather exciting.

Wildcat kittens filmed by the BBC
Those chaps at the bbc natural history unit have gone and done it again, not satisfied with tracking down tigers in the himalyas in the brilliant lost land of the tiger. they have now venturede into the scottish higlands and got some beautiful footage of baby scottish wildcats.
The notoriously shy animals were filmed at night in the highlands of Scotland.
One of the Kittens even had a rare dark coat.
For all animal lovers you can catch more footage on BBCs Autumn watch this evening at 8pm on BBC
Autumn Watch

For the international MrShutterbug Wildlife photography fans i'm afraid you will just have to follow the link to the BBC and watch the 2 videos online or view my wildcat photos on my website under British Wildlife.

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